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Month of Shaban – The month of prophet Muhammad (SAW)

The month of Shaban is known as the month of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Islamic colander is attributed to several incidents, particularly related to several months—Shaban, an important 8th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. There are several important occasions in the month of Shaban in Islamic history. Therefore, this month has high importance in the religion of Islam.

There are various meanings associated with Shaban. But, the prominent meaning is of Separating (Branching). Similarly, there are several explanations regarding its name. For example, Before Shaban, there is a month of Rajab, which is the sacred month. Fight, Robbery, and raids were prohibited in this month. When the month of Shaban comes, the Arabs again became separate to involve in these activities.

According to another explanation, people launched a massive search drive to find the water in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Similarly, in other explanations, the Shaban name was given to this month because it is between Rajab and Ramadan.

Significance of the month of Shaban by Ahadith

A question raises in the mind that what does Shaban mean in Islam? And what is the significance of Shaban? So, it can be said that the significance of the month of Shaban is obvious by the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” Shaban is my month, Rajab is Allah’s moth, and Ramazan is the month of my Ummah.

In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad said,” It is a month people disregard that is between Rajab and Ramazan. Deeds are kept before the lord in this important month, so I like my deeds to be presented while I am fasting.”

There are different confirmed Ahadith by which it has been proved that Prophet Muhammad SAW used to fast during this month. For example, In the book of Bukhari, Hazrat Ayesha RA” said,” I did not witness Prophet Muhammad SAW fast, except Ramadan, for a whole month, and I did not witness Prophet Muhammad SAW more fasting in any month than did in Shaban.  

The above Ahadith showed the importance of fasting in the month of Shaban. Prophet Muhammad PBUH also emphasized worship even in the midnight of this month. In an Ahadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” When the middle night of Shaban comes, you should stand for praying in the night and should fast in the day following it.”

In another Hadith, Prophet SAW said while describing the importance of 15th night of Shaban; he said that on that night Allah says, is there anyone who is repenting on the sins he has done so that I forgive them, who, those seeking something, I give them and is their anyone who is in tension so that I give them relief, until dawn.” Ibn Majah.

According to the several confirmed Ahadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW not only emphasized the importance of Shaban by his Ahadith, but he also compelled the people by his action, which became Sunnah. Muslims should act upon his Ahadith to get benefits in the month of Shaban, which was emphasized to get by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW did not only limit himself to talk about any issue, but he also showed the implementation of direction in his own private life.

Important Event in the month of Shaban

1. Order of Salawat

In the month of Shaban, Muslims were ordered to send Salwat upon Prophet Muhammad SAW. We, as a Muslim, should send Salwat on our beloved prophet SAW. The concept of Salwat is defined in the Ayah of Quaran in several places. There are different Ahadith, which confirmed the blessing over those Muslims who sends these best words upon beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. According to the Ahadith, the Prophet said that the person who sent salwat on me would be near me in the Day of Judgment. Surely, Allah sends blessings on the person who sends salwat on Prophet Muhammad SAW.

2. The order of Qiblah’s changing

Masjid Al Aqsa, remained the first Qiblah of Muslims, particularly when Prophet Muhammad was in Makkah. After traveling to the city of Madina, An ayah was reveled regarded the decision of changing of Qiblah.

Allah says in Quaran,” we have certainly seen the turning of your face, {O prophet (saw), toward heaven, and we will surely turn you to a Qiblah with which you will be pleased. So turn your face toward al-masjid-al-haram.”

After the given order, during prayer, Muslims changed their direction from Masjid-Al-Aqsa to Masjid-al-Haram.

3. Two pieces of one moon

  In the book of Bukhari, Anas-bin-Malik said when people said to Prophet Muhammad SAW about the miracle. So, Prophet Muhammad SAW made than see the moon into two halves. Between the two, there was Mountain of Hira (Mountain of light).

The miracle happened in the month of Shaban.  

4. The birth month of Husayn Ibn Ali RA

Husayn Ibn Ali RA was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAW. He was the son of Hazrat Ali, the renowned 4th Caliph of Islam, who has been a great companion of Prophet SAW in his campaign of spreading Islam. Husayn ibn Ali was martyred in Karbala, Iraq. His sacrifice was regarded as the savior of Islam. This great person was born in the month of Shaban.

5. Shabarat

There is a lot of importance to this night in the history of Islam. No doubt, some deny it. It is regarded as the night of mercy and worship. Sunny Muslim believes that this night is the night of deciding the result about the person by Allah. Important decisions are taken about the life and death of a person. So, it is necessary to spend the night in worship to get better results.

Virtues of Shaban

First of all, Shaban becomes the good news of the upcoming month Ramazan; also, it makes us ready to carry out the fasting of Ramazan. It has proved by Ahadith that Prophet Muhammad SAW increased the worships and prayers with the arrival of this month. The benefit of fasting and prayers also receives in the month of Ramazan.

Secondly, Shababart, “the night of Ablution,” becomes an important means to receive the blessings of God by means which has already been told by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. The person who indulges himself or herself in the prayers and particularly noble deeds, he or she will surely meet his or her reward soon in the present world as well as the eternal world.