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Purification is half of Faith

Purification is half of Faith

Islam implements its different rules and regulation regarding hygiene. It does not only give rules to hygiene but in order to implement it through every aspect, it makes these rules part of the faith. In simple words, it provides enough importance to purification and makes the believers compel to implement the given rule in their life.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said’ Cleanliness (Purification) is half of faith.) There are different others Ahadith who confirmed Ahadith to verify the status of cleanliness.

Quaran becomes evident in order to maintain the given principles of cleanliness and lays emphasis to meet the essential principle of cleanliness.

Allah says,” Honestly, God Loves people who get back to him in repentance and have a love for those who clean (purify) themselves.) (Quaran 2.222)

The importance of cleanliness quickly becomes obvious via these Ayah and Ahadith. Even, the acceptance of prayers, dua, and Dhikr is strictly attributed to the cleansing and purification.

It also does not only emphasize the physical cleanliness, but it also guides us to inner-purification cleanliness has two kinds. First is inner purification, and the second is Outer purification. 

Muslims are strictly advised to carry out their outer cleansing, for example, having a right dress, clean body, and surroundings clean without any Even the guidelines about the cleanliness of society imposes by the Islam on the believers. It does not believe good to get cleaned your home and throw the garbage in the streets. On a broad basis, the cleanliness of the city and countries is also necessary by the soul of Islam. All these instructions are related to outer cleanliness. 

Islam also gives equal importance to inner purification. It is no use of getting clean your external appearance without internal cleansing. Therefore, it is necessary to purify your heart from malice against someone. Each person is responsible for purging the heart and soul from all the impurities. According to the Ahadith, Allah does not forgive those people who develop malice against someone.

Also, make yourself free from sins, arrogance, and pride .does Jihad inside the heart against the bad feelings, particularly in Isolation, also purify your heart from Shirk, are regarded acts of high importance to meet the standard of inner cleanliness.

Holy Prophet SAW as an example 

Holy Prophet PBUH came being an example for all Muslims. He did not remain limited to the words merely just spoken. Instead, he implemented these rules inside his private life to show the people how they would act upon. One can easily observe a different example. For instance, he conveyed to us the order of Allah to offer the Salah, Hajj, and other rituals. He also gave us the method of how to perform these. Therefore, he implemented these rules of cleanliness into his own life. Prophet Muhamad SAW said,” cleanliness is the key to offering Prayers, Takbir As its beginning and Salam as ending” (Abu Dawood). Prophet Muhammad SAW did Muswak, Wadu, Bath, and cleans his hands as well in his own life. In other words, he implemented all the principles of cleanliness into his life.

To be clean and purify from all impurities included inner and outer, is not of little importance. Its reward is more than high. Faith is given in reply to cleanliness. One can easily observe that what kind of reward is more precious than Faith? Faith is a combination of obedience and acknowledges God’s authority. 

The importance of cleanliness by Ahadith

The importance of cleanliness is also visible by this Hadith, which was narrated by Abu-Malik Al-Ahsri, prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ Half of Faith is cleanliness, and the scale is filled by the praise of Allaha. The space between the heavens and earth are filled with Praise and Glorification. The light is prayer, the proof is a charity, and the illumination is the patience. The Quaran works as the proof against or in favor of you. People stand up early in the morning to set them free or to destroy themselves by selling themselves.”

The world for in the Arabic language in the hadith” cleanliness is half to faith” is “Thara’. It means that Islam gives equal importance to both inner and outer Tahara. There are several different Ahadith to describe the significance given to cleanliness are as follows.

Jabir said that once Prophet Muhammad SAW visited us and saw the man who wore dirty clothes. At once, the prophet SAW said,’ Could this man enable to find something with which to clean his clothes.”

It is pertinent to mention that wearing high-quality clothes is not necessary to reach the standard imposed by Islam. Islam’s purpose is to give Tahara by wearing clean clothes rather than old or new.

In the book of Bukhari, the prophet SAW once said,’ that it is good to take a bath on Friday and get washed your head, even the condition of Janabah( specific situation of unclean due to marital relation) and use perfume.” One can easily observe the importance Islam gives to cleanliness is second to none.

In another Hadith, narrated by Abu Hurayrah( may Allah be Pleased Upon him), the prophet SAW said,” it is the liability of every Muslim to take a bath once in a week and make his body and head through clean.”

Islam does not tolerate the person without Tahara. Therefore, the acceptance of Salah is bound to Wadu. Without Wadu, you cannot go to namaz. Similarly, Without Wadu, you cannot even touch the Quaran and recite It. It also facilitates the Muslims if 

they have memorized some Surah of Quaran; they can recite verbally without making Wadu.

In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “he who eats leek, garlic, and onion. must not go to the mosque because of harming Angels and the sons of Adam due to their scents.”

Aisha RA once stated about her routine that she was habitual of perfuming Prophet Muhammad SAW after checking the best scent available.

All these Hadith secure enough important places for the hygiene of both types of outer and inner. Cleanliness in Islam is the mandatory concept even which is directly related to the worship. Physical purification, as well as cleaning from spiritual dirt, is having equal significance.

Religious Ritual Washing

There are different Hadith on cleanliness that has been written above. Wudhu and Ghusal are essential enough for worship in Islam.


 Wudhu is necessary to offer the prayer, and it is also mandatory to recite the Quaran by holding it in hands. It means that wudhu and cleanliness both have co-relation.

It does not fulfill our responsibility imposed by Islam, but it also saves us from different diseases due to removing germs, viruses, and bacteria, As the Coronavirus is spreading fast in the world. The experts say that washing hands and mouth can save us from this deadly disease. It is all included in The Wudhu.


 Ghusal is essential to carry out religious practices in Islam. If you are not having the proper condition of cleanliness, you are not allowed to perform any rituals. Similarly, in Janaba, you have to make Ghusal first then go to perform religious practices. Islam has given the method of Wadhu and Ghusal. It has also bestowed us the practical knowledge through the actions of Prophet Muhammad SAW and their companion. Due to enough importance of cleanliness, the prophet Muhammad PBUH said,” purification is half of Iman.”