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Prayers and Duaz for Shab-e-barat – 15th of Shaban Dua and Prayer

Shaban is an important 8th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Shab-e-Barat which comes in the half of Shaban. It commonly happens between the 14th and 15th night of Shaban. The status of blessed night confirms from different Ahadith.
Shab-e-Barat is known as the night of forgiveness. It is commonly known as the night in which significant decisions are taken, for example, regarding life and death, livelihood, etc. Some people are freed from the Fire of Jahanam. Moreover, the decisions to keep the people in Jahannam are also taken on this important night. Therefore, people spend the whole night in Dua and prayers to get the sins forgiven from the Almighty Allah. In order to get the right decision, people also remain fast in these days of Shaban. Different Ahadith are narrated about that night. Similarly, some Islamic scholars also describe its importance by authentic means.  

Significance of Shab-e-Barat by Ahadith

In a hadith which was narrated by Hazrat Ayesha RA, prophet Muhammad SAW said,” Allah comes in the opening sky during the mid of Shaban, and forgives the people in a large number than the number of fiber on the goats of Banu Kalb.”
In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad said,” Allah Almighty forgives those who are created by him and during the mid of Shaban in the midnight. He does not forgive those who associate with him or have developed some bad intention about others.”

What should we pray on Shab e Barat?

Although the prayers and duas are not obligatory on the 15th night of Shabaan. The fasting is also not necessary as the obligation in the month of Shaban. It is better to make a schedule before the time for that night because 15 nights of Shaban is the night of blessing. It should be ensured that your part of these blessings must be yours. There are different ways to get the will of God that night.


The recitation of the Quran is the most efficient way to earn the blessings of God not only on the 15 night of Shabaan, but in the whole year; it works equally. The complete Quran cannot be recited in the short timing of that night. We should recite many times different Surahs, for example, Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, Surah Al-baqrah. It is better to make the schedule before time to gain the full benefit of this opportunity as well.  
The recitation of these Surahs of Quaran will ensure your success near God. He will also bless you with his rewards.
Some benefits of recitation of these Surahs are as under.
The significance of Surah Yaseen is evident by this Hadith, “Everything possesses heart in his body, and the heart of Quaran is the Surah Yaseen. I would like it if it would be in the heart, my people.” This hadith was written in the book of Tafsir-al-Subang.
Surah-ar-Rahman protects people from difficulties, hardships, and miseries. If it is recited in the nighttime, Allaha designates an angel to protect the reader from any threat. Surah Rahman purifies the heart of the reader from sins and impurities.  


Dhikr is one of the perfect ways to get the grace of God. The importance of Dhikr is definite by Ahadith,” without Dhikr, the heart of the man gets hard and grim.”
Dhikr is the way by which we can easily win God’s favor. It makes hear peaceful and full of serenity. It is also easy to be done. We can easily do while getting up, lying down, or sitting. No proper place is required to carry out Dhikr. Every counter is not necessary. You can do Dhikr on the fingers of your hand.
It saves us from God’s anger, as described in Hadith, “the good action which is done by the Adam’son, does not save him or her from Allah’s punishment, but it is Dhikr which can save us from that punishment.”
In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said:” the picture of those who do Dhikr and who do not, represent those who live and who dies.”
The importance of 
Dhikr is definite by several confirmed Ahadith.

Shaban Dua and Prayers

The significance and importance of Dua are evident by this Hadith. Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “The mind of prayers is Dua.”
Dua is the perfect way to win the will of Almighty Allah. It has said by scholars that Allah gets angry with those who do not pray from God for themselves. Similarly, Allah becomes happy with those who pray for themselves and others.
Shab-e-Barat is an important way to pray for forgetting of sins and bad deeds and also for opening the doors of reward and blessings.


Salah is the perfect way to win the favor of God. It is also not obligatory. Therefore, there is no indication of Rakat. It is up to you how much you offer. Again, it is better to make a plan for that night to get the full benefit of this opportunity.

Salaatul Tasbeeh

Salaatul tasbeeh is one of the best prayers which is offered in that night to secure the blessing of God through Salah.
The method of Salat- ul -Tasbeeh is as under.
The purpose is to read the specific Tasbeeh for 300 times.

  • In the first Rakat, after Sannah, recite this Tasbeeh for 15 times.
  • After Aooz and Bismillah, Sura Fatiha and the sorah of minimum 3 lines. Again recite 10 times Tasbeeh.
  • After going to rakhooh and Sabhan Rabbi-yul-Azeem, read tasbeeh ten times.
  • After Rakhoo and saying Sami Allah…………, read tasbeeh ten times.
  • After going to Rakooh and saying ’Subhana Rabi-ul-aalah. Recite Tasbeeh 10 times.
  • After first Sajda and also after saying Allah o Akber in sitting position before going to next Sajda recite the tasbeeh ten times.
  • During Second’s Sajda and after Subkhana Rabi-ul-aalah recite the tasbeeh ten times in Sajdah again.
  • Get up again for 2nd Rakah by saying Allah o Akbar.
  • Repeat the same method, but before reciting Bismillah and Sorat Fatah, recite the tasbeeh 15 times and again follow the previous method.
  • After second Rakoh, read Athakiyat…Darood Ibrahim and Specific Dua…without saying Salam get up for 3rd Rakat.
  • After sunna in 3rd Rakah, recite the tasbeeh 15 times. Again follow the rest method as the previous one.

It is the method of Salat-al-tasbeeh, which is an elegant way to forget your sins and to win the blessing of God. The above prayer can easily be offered in Shab-e-Barat. The need is just to learn the method thoroughly because it is a bit confusing. Preplanning is important because some people do not keep themselves awake for the whole night. And, it is also necessary to get the benefit of this blessing night.
These opportunities are provided by God almighty. He knows better than us for our betterment. Undoubtedly, the punishment of God in the Day of Judgment would be more severe than the imagination of our thinking. It is necessary to find the way that goes to blessings of God; not the way goes to the punishment of God.