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Importance and benefits of reciting Ayatul Kursi

Ayat al-Kursi is the 255th verse of Surah al-Baqarah, the longest surah of the Quran. Many people consider this to be the best verse in the Quran, and a Hadith indicates that as well. The Prophet (PBUH) asked a companion, Abu Mundhir, about which verse is the greatest in the Quran. The companion started reciting Ayat al-Kursi. Muhammad (PBUH) replied in the affirmative. We can find this Hadith among the authentic narrations in Imam Muslim’s Sahih Muslim. Let’s discuss the importance of Ayatul Kuris.

Ayat ul kursi

Importance of Ayatul Kursi

The reason for the greatness of this verse is that it describes how Allah is above and beyond everything else in existence. It shows us how we can not compare anything or anyone with Allah. He is the Creator of all that exists besides Him. Ayat al-Kursi is one of the most famous verses in the Quran. When young children start reading and reciting the Quran, it is usually one of the first verses that they memorize due to its importance and benefits.

  • The Prophet (PBUH) stated that if a person recited Ayat al-Kursi after every obligatory salah, then he would go to Paradise immediately if he died.
  • In another Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) stated that if a person recites Ayat al-Kursi after salah, Allah protects him until the next salah.
  • Abu Huraira stated in a Hadith that Ayat al-Kursi is the crest and the apex of the Quran.

Ayat al-Kursi is a compelling verse, and due to that, Muslims recite it on many occasions. It is very common to see Muslims reciting this blessed verse before going to sleep or going on a journey. Muslims do this with the hope of gaining Allah’s protection. It’s also for protection from the evil of Allah’s creation and jinns. Muslims also use it as a form of exorcism.

Importance of Ayat al Kursi

This Hadith can make us easily understand the importance of Ayatul Kursi.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ if a person recites Ayatul Kursi after every obligatory prayer, He has the distance of death between him and the paradise.’ That is why it is of high importance to read Ayatul Kursi.

Ayatul Kursi is the verses of great importance. These verses are in the second Surah of the Quran. Ayatul Kursi is one of the greatest Surah which is learned and memorized more than any Surah.

The significance of Ayatul Kursi has been described in many Ahadiths of the Holy Prophet SAW. We should learn it in order to win the favor and blessing of Allah. There are different rewards for Ayatul Kursi.

Distinguish properties of Ayatul Kursi

The distinguishing properties of Ayatul Kursi are the following:

  1. Ayatul kursi is the chief verse of the Quran.
  2. Ayatul Kursi includes Ism Azam.
  3. Ayatul Kursi is the loftiest Ayah of the Quran.
  4. Ayatul kursi is the threshold of Arsh of Allah.
  5. Ayatul Kursi protects from evil.
  6. Ayatul kursi is high from heaven and earth.
  7. Ayatul Kursi gives protection from the thief.
  8. Ayatul kursi becomes the cause of blessings and rewards.
  9. Ayatul Kursi makes satan run from the home of the reciter.
  10. Ayatul kursi is the powerful verse of the Quran.

Translation of Ayatul Kursi in the English language

Allah, There is no God but Allah almighty, the subsisting and the living, Eternal, No slumber can upset him or make him sleep, he and his all things and in the earth and heaven, who is anyone who can intercede except after his permission, he surely know what Is before him or after him, Nor shall they compass his knowledge except he is willing, his throne extends over the earth and heaven. He feels no boredom (fatigue) in guarding them; he is the most supreme in grace.’

In fact, Ayatul Kursi is the description of the glory of Allah almighty.

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What benefits does Ayatul Qursi have for us?

According to Ahadith, Ayatul Kursi has different benefits for us.

Hazrat Anas RA said that Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ One who recites Ayatul Kursi after one Salah, Allah will protect him till next Salah, this continuation will continue.’

In another Hadith of the Holy Prophet SAW, which was also narrated by Hazrat Anas RA,’ Prophet Muhammad SAW asked his companion, do you know which verse of the Holy Quran is the loftiest verse of the Quran? I said that Allah and his messenger SAW best Knows, and then he recited Ayatul Kursi.

In another Hadith, which was narrated by Hazrat Hassan ibn Ali RA, Prophet SAW said,” What will the person receive if he recites Ayatul Kursi after every obligatory prayer? Then, Prophet Muhammad SAW himself said, ‘The person who will recite Ayatul Kursi after every obligatory prayer would be under the protection of Allah until the next prayer.’

Hazrat Muhammad bin Al saumi narrated by his father that Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ one who recites Ayatul Kursi after every prayer, there is only the presence of death between him and the paradise.

Recitation of Ayatul Krusi is the cause of blessing in food

Hazrat Ayeshah RA narrated that one day a person came to Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and said, that he had no Barkat (blessing) in his home, what he should do now?

Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ why do you neglect the recitation of Ayatul Kursi.’ Then, he gave him the order of recitation daily. “

Hazrat ibn Masood RA told that there is no open space in the sky or on the earth is loftier than Ayatul Kursi.

The recitation of Ayatul Kursi makes you wealth, home or property safe

Hazrat Ibn Masood RA said that one day a person came to Prophet Muhammad SAW and requested him to teach me something that will be beneficial for me. Prophet Muhammad SAW asked him to recite Ayatul Kursi for the protection of your family, children, and your house and the houses around your house.

Chief Ayat of Ayatul kursi

Hazrat Abu Hurairah RA narrated that Prophet Muhammad SAW said that there is the verse in the Quran, which is the chief verse of the Quran. One who recites it, Satan leaves him home and run away.

Different scholars noted that whenever Hazrat Abdur Rahman bin Aoof RA entered his house, he used to recite Ayatul Kursi in the corner of his house to receive the multiple blessings of Allah.

Hazrat Ali RA said that the chief Ayah of the Holy Quran is the verse of Ayatul Kursi.

Ayatul Kursi from the treasure of Allah

Hazrat Ibn Abbass RA narrated that one day Prophet Muhammad SAW recited Surah Al-Baqrah, and Ayatulul Kursi then said these two things came to me from the treasure of Allah.

Hazrat Abu imama RA narrated that Prophet Muhammad SAW said that one who recites Ayatul Kursi after every obligatory prayer, the only one thing which is the obstacle in his entry to paradise is death. It means that the person who recites Ayatul Kursi will go to paradise after dying and departure from this earth.

Reciting Ayatul Kursi in Bed at night

Hazrat Qatada RA narrated that Prophet Muhammad SAW said, ‘One who recites Ayatul Kursi on his bed at night, Allah sends two angels to protect him till the morning.’ It means it is essential to read Ayatul Kursi before sleeping.

Hazrat Abu Qatada RA narrated that Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said ‘that one who recites Ayatul Kursi and the last verses of Surah Al-Baqrah particularly in the time of difficulty, Allah will listen to his request.’

The reward of a grateful heart

Hazrat Abu Musa Ashari RA narrated that Allah almighty sent Wahay to Prophet Musa to recite Ayatul Kursi after every obligatory prayer; whoever recites Ayatul Kursi after every obligatory prayer; he will be bestowed with a grateful heart and a grateful tongue will be rewarded as Prophets, his action will be treated as Sadeeqeen, the Prophet and the Sadeeqeen who I have tested their heart for faith and who has been selected as martyred on the way of mine.

Ayatul Kursi is the Quarter of the Holy Quran

In a hadith which was narrated by( beloved companion of Prophet SAW )Hazrat Anas RA, ‘ One a person came to Prophet SAW, and he SAW said to him that either he married or not.’ He replied that he could not marry because of less resources. Then, Prophet Muhammad SAW said have you listened to Qul Hawallah o Ahad? The person at once replied,’ Yes.’ Then, the Prophet SAW said that this Surah was the Quarter of the Holy Quran.

Then, the Holy Prophet SAW again asked him if he listened to Qul Yah Ahuhal Kafiroon. He, at once, said yes. Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW replied that this Surah was the Quarter of the Quran.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said to him that has he listened to Izza Zul Zillat Al Irz. The person replied that he listened to it. Holy messenger of Allah SAW said that this Surah was the Quarter of the Quran.

Prophet Muhammad SAW asked again if he had listened to Izza Ja A Nusrullah Hil Fatih. He replied that he had listened to this Surah. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said that this Surah was also the Quarter of the Quran.

Then, the Messenger of Allah said,” Has he listened to Ayatul Kursi? He replied that he listened to them. Prophet SAW said that it was also the Quarter of the Quran.

Ayatul Kursi keeps Shateen away from home.

Hazrat ibn Masood RA said’ that a person left on a journey, on his way, he met with a Jin. Jin asked him if he wrestled with me and beat him. He will teach him something, due to which Satan will not come to his home and run away. The person and Jin wrestled with each other. Luckily, the person put him down. According to the promise, Jin told him to recite Ayatul Kursi. Shayateen will never come to his house, and the rest will run away from his house by producing the sound of the donkey. ‘

Hazrat Ali RA narrated that once there was a room full of dates. He was appointed to guard the room. One day, he felt that some dates were missing. He became worried about where these dates were going. From next, he stood fully vigilant. Upon night, he saw a Jin who came to the room in the form of a boy. Hazrat Ali RA greeted him and asked the reason why he came here. He RA inspected his hands, which were like the paws of the dog. Hazrat Ali RA asked him to have you created like that. He replied. After a lot of discussions, Hazrat Ali RA asked who would save us from our evil actions.

Jin replied Ayatul Kursi could save you from our evil actions. Later, Hazrat Ali RA approached Prophet Muhammad SAW and told him about the incident that happened. Holy Messenger replied that he was saying right. No doubt, he was a liar. Ayatul Kursi can save us from the evil action of Shaiteen.

Holy Prophet SAW said,’ Who recites the first four verses of Surah Al-Baqrah, then recites the Ayatul Kursi. He recites the 3 Ayah of Surah Al-Baqrah again; Allah will keep him away from any tension regarding wealth or himself, Satan will run away from him, and he will not forget the Holy Quran.

According to scholars, the frequent recitation of Ayatul Kursi will make the process of death easy. So, recite it near the person departing.

Some scholars suggest the recitation of Ayatul Kursi 11 times for specific purposes.


The recitation of Ayatul Kursi becomes the cause of safety and protection. We should try it with satisfaction. It will bring peace to our hearts. It is of high importance to know how many times you should read Ayaul Kursi. Realize your experience of what happens when you read Ayatul Kursi.