Social Media And Its Impact On Muslims

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Social media is a very popular modern form of communication. In the 21st century, it has become one of the most widely used modes of communication between people. Muslim societies are no exception in this regard, as many Muslims undeniably use social media for communication purposes.

Technological advancements have revolutionized the ways in which we communicate. As with all things on the internet, social media has its positives and negatives. As a result, it is essential for Muslims to ensure that they only utilize it for beneficial purposes and protect themselves from the adverse effects of it. To achieve this, believers need to familiarize themselves with the positive and negative impact of social media on Muslims.

Positives: Social media makes communication easy

Social media has enabled humans from around the world to communicate with each other easily. People are not restricted by borders. We can communicate with our relatives, friends, and fellow Muslims online. It can also play a useful role in keeping families and friends connected. This aspect of it specifically is of great benefit, as many Muslims will know family members and friends who reside in different cities or countries, and regularly staying in touch with them is a must.

Positives: It facilitates socialization

Social media facilitates socialization. Muslims can communicate with fellow believers from different countries and befriend them. This is a fantastic way of building unity in the Ummah. We can also catch up with old friends and interact with them online. Muslims can befriend righteous fellow believers, which can help them to stay steadfast in their religion. Socialization on social media helps us realize and appreciate the incredible diversity of the Muslim Ummah.

Positives: We can use it to spread Islam

Social media can be utilized for the sharing of religious reminders. We can also invite non-Muslims to Islam and showcase the virtues of Islam online by exhibiting patience and good manners. Muslims can share the beautiful teachings of the Quran. They can share Quranic verses and Prophetic sayings on social media with their friends and followers.

Believers can make use of this medium to encourage each other to perform good deeds and abstain from evil. Scholars and students of knowledge can join social media and spread the pristine teachings of Islam. Scholars can answer questions from common Muslims about various issues. This is an easy way for Muslims to obtain correct rulings from reliable scholars.

We can also use social media to share religious content, such as articles about Islamic teachings. Furthermore, we can share authentic Islamic rulings to help out people who need the information. Muslims can also assist people who convert to Islam and need to gain knowledge of the faith. We can aid new believers by informing them of the true teachings of Islam from the correct sources. Additionally, we can advise our fellow Muslims if we see them doing something wrong on social media.

Positives: We can use it to help people

We can use social media to help others. We can raise awareness and encourage people to donate to those who are in need. Charity is given great value in Islam, and we can utilize it to bring attention to the plight of Muslims in places like Yemen, Syria, etc., which can result in a significant number of people giving charity to support the struggling Muslims.

Negatives: Social media reduces our real-life communication

People can become excessive in how they use social media. Due to its addictive nature, people often end up spending so much time online that they neglect their real-life communication with family. Even when one is sitting with his relative, he may frequently be ignoring the other person and using websites like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, excessive use of social media can harm one’s real-life communication and reduce face-to-face interactions as it becomes the preferred way of communication. As with all other things, moderation is the key!

Negatives: It can lead to backbiting

One of the greatest drawbacks of social media is the prevalence of pointless gossip, which generally tends to lead to backbiting. Backbiting is a terrible sin in Islam. Since social media gives everyone an open platform to express themselves, a lot of what people post on it is useless gossip and chit-chat, which is often full of backbiting and slandering of others.

Aimless gossip has been normalized to a large extent on the internet. Sadly, backbiting is something that too many people take lightly. As Muslims, we should strictly abstain from backbiting, as it will please Satan and anger Allah. People may not take this matter seriously. However, everyone will be accountable for what they do online, just like they will have to answer for everything they do in their lives away from the internet.

Negatives: Inappropriate content on social media

Among the greatest drawbacks of the internet is the prevalence of inappropriate content. There is an abundance of vulgarity, whether in the form of pictures or videos, that exists on social media. As Muslims, we must always be careful to keep our distance from anyone who posts indecent things.

We should not follow or befriend anyone who posts such things online. As believers, we should always remember that Allah sees all our actions. Muslims should never look at things that Islam prohibits, and they should teach their children to avoid any such content when using social media.

Negatives: Addiction is detrimental for Muslims

Social media can be quite addictive. When one gets addicted to it, it can take a toll on his personal life. It can negatively affect one’s worship of Allah. One might neglect his religious duties, miss his prayers, or pray without adequate focus. Moreover, spending too much time online can be harmful to people’s health, as it can lead to a lack of exercise. Besides, addiction can also lead to laziness and procrastination, making people negligent in their worldly duties, such as studies, jobs, etc.

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