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Ten Advantages of Online Quran Learning

The Ten Advantages of Online Quran Learning

Why should we learn the Quran in the first place? A fair question that may crop up in the mind of a child or adult, when advised to learn Quran online. Firstly, the Holy Book is the speech of Allah SWT. When our children or we make mistakes while speaking or writing English, it perturbs us. We feel embarrassed because English is the most sought-after language used in the world today. Many kids or adults don’t even speak or write English, out of fear that they’ll make mistakes and be made fun of. Then what of the speech of the Creator?

Should knowing how to read the Holy Book correctly, not be every single Muslim’s top-most priority? Learning how to read any other human language correctly, doesn’t give us ten rewards for every letter read, like learning the Arabic Quran does. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said that whoever reads a letter of the Quran will get a Reward, which will be multiplied by ten. Every Muslim child and adult must learn Quran with tajweed so that he or she knows the articulation point of every Arabic letter. 

The attachment to the word of Allah should be instilled into our children from childhood. Just as they are taught their mother tongue and English at schools, so should they be guided in the easy way to learn to read the Holy Book. In Surah Kahf, Allah warns us that wealth and children are simply adornments in this lift but deeds last and help us to gain reward. Especially in today’s ‘computer age,’ when the best online Quran classes are easily accessible and more convenient. 

Advantages of Online Quran Learning
Quran learning

The Ten Advantages of Online Quran Learning

The goal of reading Allah’s word is to understand it, and the purpose of understanding it is to apply its teachings. Online Quran learning for kids and adults comes with manifold benefits. 

#1. Advantage: Online Quran learning is convenient

In today’s fast-paced life, children are often busy with school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. Home tutors are only available during reasonable hours, for they need to travel. An online Quran tutor can easily fill this gap because they teach from the comfort of their homes. The student and online Quran teacher share a special bond because kids nowadays prefer being online rather than offline. It is also a refreshing change from them having to attend school every morning physically.

#2. Advantage: A more comprehensive selection of online Quran academies

Online Quran Learning schools have become so commonplace that the competition leaves parents with numerous options. The Academies themselves have to be on their toes to ensure that they offer specialized service. Home tutors are not so freely available, and their teaching is not as comprehensive. 

Every Online Quran Academy strives to be the best in the business. This offers both parents and their kids with a wide selection to choose from. Not every online Quran institute can be a good fit. 

#3. Advantage: Provision of one on one Quran classes

One on one classes ensure that every student receives the special attention that he or she needs. As opposed to the group classes their schools offer. Quran learners may find it challenging to learn in a group and may also feel shy to ask questions. 

The online Quran tutor can devote all his attention to an individual student. This will help the child go from strength to strength in his understanding of Tajweed

#4. Advantage: Access to professional and qualified teachers

The majority of qualified and professional teachers don’t visit student’s homes. They teach at the masjid or at a Quran Academy. Especially in countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Where men qualified from the Religious Seminaries, and with minimal Islamic education, go from house to house to teach. 

In contrast, the most professional, qualified, and expert online Quran tutors are available to teach online. This is owing to online tuition being like home tuition, and not a visit.

#5. Advantage: Flexibility of days and timings

The flexibility of days and schedules is perhaps the most beneficial aspect of Online Quran EducationThe 24/7 accessibility of online teachers accommodates learners from all time zones. Kids can continue attending school, playing sports, mingling with friends without feeling cramped for time.

They may choose any day or time that is most suited to their schedule. Online Quran lessons are, thus, the most flexible option for this fast-paced life that most children and adults lead.

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#6. Advantage: Secure and easy to monitor

It is common knowledge, especially in the way Quran education is imparted in the Subcontinent, that some teachers can get violent. The pulling of ears, beating with a stick, harsh words are not unheard of. The mentality and lack of education of some teachers severely impacts their behavior.

Child abuse, generally speaking, knows no boundaries. Learning Quran online, one the other hand gives concerned parents the safest option. They don’t need to monitor the interaction that takes place between the tutor and student. There is no question of child abuse due to the nature of online learning.

#7. Advantage: Entertaining and interactive

The creative use of technology greatly benefits kids who learn Quran online. From videos that depict Quranic stories of Prophets to games and quizzes. Both the student and tutor can explore all the interactive material available online.

With home tutors, they often lose interest. Learning how to read and understand the Holy Book online via a Quran Academy gives them even more incentive to act upon its teachings. This being the main aim of learning Allah’s word in the first place.

#8. Advantage: Online Quran learning is an affordable option

As mentioned earlier, competitiveness within the Online Quran Learning world results in many benefits to its users. One of an online Quran academy’s most attractive features is its reasonable price structure. Every online learning school strives to keep their prices affordable to lure in more students.

For parents, it’s a huge relief, especially in the West, where private home tutors charge the earth. The Online Quran tutors charge nominal rates because the nature of online studies is easy on their pockets, for it requires no travel.

#9. Advantage: Regularity and less tardiness

Once the online tutor and the student get into the flow of things, they are both eager to stick to a schedule. The learner has already chosen their most suitable and convenient time. This enables them to be regular.

In addition to this, the entertaining and interactive nature of Quran online studies is something every student looks forward to. The online teacher and the learner soon develop a rapport of mutual care, concern, and respect.

#10. Advantage: Global option for online Quranic learning

No matter where an online Quran academy is based, it is accessible to one and all. Another brilliant feature of online Quran learning institutions is that they broaden the scope of what they teach. Alongside Quran tajweed, memorization, and understanding, other aspects of Islam are also explained.

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It is especially a blessing for those Muslim parents in the West, who want their kids to remain steadfast upon Islamic teachings. Distances, in this case, are no hindrance for their children to acquire Islamic and Quranic knowledge. And, that too, from the ‘best of the best’ in the business.