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Ten Advantages of Online Quran Lessons

The Ten Advantages of Online Quran Lessons

Learning Quran online is an increasingly popular option for people who want to learn how to read Quran easily. Online Quran lessons are highly effective, especially for kids. It is crucial to learn Quran with Tajweed, to perfect one’s pronunciation of each letter.

While the traditional method of Quran learning is still common, online Quran learning courses are particularly beneficial in this era of technological advancement. Before analyzing the virtues of online Quran lessons, we should reflect on why it’s essential to learn Quran recitation.

10 Advantages of Online Quran Lessons

The importance of gaining Quranic knowledge via online Quran lessons

The importance of acquiring Quranic knowledge can be understood by the various relevant statements of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said that the best among the Muslims are those who learn and teach the Quran (Sahih Bukhari). In another Hadith recorded by Imam Muslim, he said that Allah makes the path to Jannah easy for the one who went in search of knowledge.

These narrations clearly illustrate how highly Allah values the pursuit of Islamic knowledge. The foremost aspect of Islamic learning is, of course, the holy book of our religion, the Glorious Quran. Parents are always strict about their children’s worldly education, ensuring they don’t neglect their studies. Parents want children to strive for grades and degrees that ultimately aid them in getting jobs and succeeding financially.

What about success in the Hereafter? One of the keys to achieving success in the Hereafter for a believer is to learn the Noble Quran. It contains all the principles we need to apply in our lives.

Without Quranic teachings, we, as Muslims, would be lost in this world, not knowing how to conduct our lives. We should know the Quran well so that we can raise our children according to Islamic teachings. We want our children to grow up and become righteous believers, but this is impossible without teaching them Al-Quran.

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Moreover, the recitation of the Quran is one of the best sources of receiving rewards in Islam. The Prophet (PBUH) informed us that we are blessed with ten rewards for each letter of the Quran we recite (At-Tirmidhi)! This should motivate us to always be regular in our recitation of the Quran and never neglect it. Thus, we can see that learning how to read the Quran is imperative for all Muslims.

First advantage: Flexible Timings

Flexibility concerning timings is an exceedingly convenient aspect of online Quran classes, particularly for kids. Children often have busy schedules, and it can be difficult to schedule their regular Quran lessons at ideal times. However, one of the best things about online Quran classes is that timings are flexible. This ensures that kids are not hampered in their daily studies and activities. It also provides ease for those in different time-zones, because they can choose appropriate timings regardless of time-zone differences. Kids thus have their online Quran class at the most suitable time for them and their parents.

Second advantage: Availability of qualified and proficient tutors

Due to the professional nature of online Quran teaching websites, it is easy to have access to a skilled, highly competent online Quran tutor. This can be especially beneficial for those residing in the West, who may struggle to locate good Quran teachers.

One may want to learn Quran online in the USA, but not have access to a capable tutor. In other cases, one may also have difficulty hiring a professional tutor. However, online Quran classes make it easy to learn Quran online with Tajweed, as online Quran tutors are generally proficient.

Third advantage: 1 on 1 Online Quran Lessons

For many students, studying in a group may be less optimal. Some kids may be able to concentrate better when having a one-on-one class. This can also improve children’s communication with their teachers. Furthermore, since the tutor is only teaching one child at a time, he can entirely focus on perfecting the child’s recitation. All these reasons make one-on-one online classes an attractive option.

Fourth advantage: Online Quran lessons are convenient

The ease of attending online Quran lessons makes them more convenient than traditional methods of Quran learning. There is no travel required, so parents don’t have to worry about travel costs and the need to spend time driving their children to attend a Quran class. Additionally, children are most comfortable in their own homes. Hence, online Quran learning is a superb overall facility.

Fifth advantage: Enhanced Security

In the case of the standard teaching method, there is always a possibility of children being mistreated, or even beaten by their teachers, particularly in the subcontinent. Parents inevitably have to consider their children’s safety and can never completely guarantee it.

However, online Quran learning for kids eradicates this menacing problem. As the lessons are conducted over the internet, there is no possibility of physical contact. Parents can also monitor lessons without any difficulty. Therefore, making our kids learn to read Quran online is the safest choice.

Sixth advantage: Affordability

Online Quran Academies are also helpful if you wish to avoid paying unreasonable amounts for your kids’ Quran studies. They offer affordable prices, as online Quran tutoring is a very cost-effective teaching method. Learning Quran online free is initially possible, as a one-week free trial is provided. It does not incur travel costs since it is carried out over the internet. Hiring a Quran teacher can be especially costly in the West; consequently, the online method is a cheaper alternative.

Seventh advantage: Many online Quran Academies to choose from

There is no shortage of online Quran academies. Indeed, it is a fast-growing solution for the acquisition of Quranic knowledge. Accordingly, we are not restricted to having to choose one Quran Academy and stick with it. Instead, we have access to a vast selection of online Quran learning schools. One can also learn Quran online with tajweed free, courtesy of a one-week free trial.

In addition, there is no restriction based on location due to it being conducted virtually. It’s a terrific option if one can’t access a good Quran teacher. An example of this could be someone living in a non-Muslim country where the Muslim population is minuscule.

Eighth advantage: Consistency and Punctuality

The disciplined professionalism of online Quran tutors ensures that your child’s studies progress smoothly. There is no risk of inconsistency and incompetence due to the efficiency of the online method. You need to decide the time that suits you, and the teacher adheres to it. Students gain knowledge of the Quran quickly, and online Quran teachers make each lesson count. It is truly an easy way to learn to read the Quran.

Ninth advantage: Global demand for online Quran education

Online Quranic education’s availability is international. There is no issue regarding the online Quran Academies’ location as they may be spread across different countries, but the internet nullifies distance. These online learning schools teach the correct recitation and memorization of the Quran. However, they often give a grounding in the basics of Islam as well. They are of great value to Muslims in the West, providing their children with quality Islamic education.\

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Tenth Advantage: Interactive Sessions

Online teachers make lessons enjoyable to keep children’s interest levels high so that they don’t decline in their studies. Utilizing the unique facilities of teaching on the internet, relevant videos and quizzes can be incorporated in classes. This can encourage kids to approach their lessons with enthusiasm, leading to higher overall productivity.