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Read Ayatul Kursi Online - Learn Ayat ul Kursi with benefits

Ayatul Kursi Read Online – Learn Ayat ul Kursi with benefits

In the Holy Book of the Quran, Ayat ul Kursi is one of the loftiest verses of the Quran. Ayat Ayatul Kursi is one of the most powerful verses of the Holy Quran. It describes the greatness of Allah. Ayatul Kursi is also known as the thrown worst. It is in the second Surah of the Quran, which is Surah Al-Baqrah. The number of verses is 255th. It is one of the Surah, which is excessively memorized and recited. It, in fact, tells us how nobody is comparable to Allah in greatness and grace. Muslims recite it to save themselves from jins and other threats.

It is recited for many other occasions for different benefits.

How to learn Ayat ul kursi

There are different ways to learn and memorize Ayatul Kursi. First, it is necessary to hire a teacher either online or physically. The presence of the teacher is essential because of the correct recitation of Ayatul kursi.

We can learn Ayatul Kursi as a part or as a whole. Repeated recitation is beneficial to learn Ayatul kursi.  

There are different short books available, for example, short books of Prayers, which includes Ayatul Kursi because it protects us from different threats.

The learning of Ayatul Kursi is not obligatory but optional. Ayatul Kursi audio is also available for learning.

What advantage has Ayatul Kursi for us?

Following the benefits of Ayat ul Kursi are for us.

  1. In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ A man will be kept safe from any threat or danger who recites the first four verses of Surah Al-Baqrah then the recitation of Ayatul Kursi and after that the last 3 Ayah of Surah Al-Baqrah.
  2. One who recites Ayat ul kursi in the morning, Allah keeps him safe from getting him into his protection.
  3. According to the Hadith of our Holy Prophet, Muhammad SAW,” things that increase the memory power of the person, Lentils, recitation of Ayatul Kursi, cold bread and meat of an animal near the neck.
  4. The benefit of Ayat ul Kursi is that its frequent recitation makes the person’s death easy.
  5. According to the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW,’ Allah sends an angel and makes him responsible for the protection of the man who recites Ayatul kursi at night.
  6. According to the scholars, it is beneficial to recite Ayatul kursi to increase vision and light in the eyes; after the recitation of Ayat ul kursi, recite’U-eedhu nora basaree binuril ilahi allahhi la yutfaa,’
  7. The recitation of Ayatul kursi after every prayer makes the person safe, and Allah Almighty will protect him.
  8. If the person is alone in the house and he has developed some fear and feels danger. The recitation of Ayat ul Kursi will make him calm and out of danger.
  9. According to notable scholars, the recitation of Aatul Kursibecomes the light of the grave. They advised you to recite it for your dear one who left you.

There are countless advantages of Ayatul kursi. It has exceptional status due to its powerful verses of the Holy Quran. Several Ahadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW confirmed its essential position.

 Recitation of Ayatul kursi 100 times

Recitation of Ayatul kursi 100 times, according to scholars, saves us from dangers, fulfills our wishes, and protects us from the evil eye and Shayateens.

Virtues of Ayatul kursi according to the Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Ayatul kursi becomes the cause of blessings and favor of Allah. There are several Ahadiths of Prophet Muhammad SAW, which describe its benefit in clear words. We should recite it repeatedly so that we can be entitled to the favor and blessings of Allah almighty.

Different Ahadtih is the following.

According to Hazrat Ali RA, once I was responsible for the room of dates. He doubted that some sacks of dates were not in its place. The next, he stood vigilant and noticed where the sacks of dates were going. Hazrat Ali RA saw a person who came and found me standing there. Hazrat Ali RA welcomed him and asked the reason why he came here, and asked him about his introduction. He said I was Jin. He stretched his hand. Hazrat Ali RA inspected his hand and observed it was like a dog.

After all the conversation, Hazrat Ali RA asked him what things could save us from our evil actions. He replied that Ayatul kursi would save you from our evil and wrong actions.

Later, Hazrat Ali RA came to our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW and described the whole incident. Prophet Muhammad SAW replied that he said right and only Ayatul kursi could save us from their evil. He further said that, in fact, he was a liar, but he said right.

According to a Hadith, which was narrated by Hazrat Abi bin Kaab RA, Prophet Muhammad SAW asked him which verse is the verse of high rank in the Holy Quran. I said that Allah and his messenger Muhammad SAW know best, which is of high rank. Prophet Muhammad replied that Ayatul Kursi is the highest-ranking verse in the Holy Quran.

Then, Prophet SAW said,’ Oh, Abdul Munzar (the family name of Abi bin Kaab RA), Prophet SAW prayed for me that’ May Allah bless you with this knowledge.’

Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ I swear by that in whose hand my life and my soul is, that these verses have two lips and one tongue; it is the threshold of Arsh of Allah; it describes the purity of Allah.’

Ayatul Kursi is the Quarter of the Holy Quran

 A Hadith, which was narrated by Hazrat Ans RA,’ Prophet Muhammad SAW inquired one of his companions “are you married.” He replied that I did not marry because I did not have money. Then Prophet Muhammad SAW said to him if you knew about Qul Huwallauh Ahud? The companion said, yes. Prophet Muhammad SAW replied that it was the Quarter of the Holy Quran.

Then, Prophet SAW said to his companion if you knew about Qul Yaahuhal Qafiroon. The companion said yes, I knew. Prophet SAW replied that it was also the Quarter of the Holy Quran. Again, Prophet Muhammad SAW said to his companion that if you knew about Izza zulzillat al Arz. The companion said,’yes, I knew.’ Holy Prophet replied that it was also the Quarter of the Holy Quran.

Again Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ if you knew about Ayatul Kursi.’ He said to Prophet Muhammad SAW that he knew about Ayatul Kursi. Then, the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW replied that it was also the Quarter of the Holy Quran.

Then Prophet Muhammad SAW said three times that do marry, do marry, and do marry.

Allah saves us from Satan’s effect on our health, home, and property

Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said that one day, a person set out on a journey while leaving home, and he met with a Jinn on his way. The jinn said to the person that if you drop me down, so I will give you the gift of some verses, due to reciting these verses, Satan will never go into your house. The person wrestled with the Jinn and dropped him down on the earth. Then, Jin told him that reciting Ayatul kursi would not let Jin enter in the house. Jinn further said that the person who recited Ayatul Kursi upon entering his home, Satan, would run out of the house while making the sound.

In another Hadith, Hazrat ibn Umar RA narrated, Once beloved companion of the Prophet SAW, Hazrat Umar RA said to the people who will tell me which verse is the loftiest verse of the Holy Quran.’ Again, he said to them which verses direct us towards fairness and justice. He further asked them which verse created more fear of Allah in us. He again asked which Ayah was for creating hope for mercy.

Hazrat Ibn Masood RA stood up and said that he heard Muhammad SAW say that the loftiest verse of the Holy Quran was the verse of Ayatul kursi, and similarly, he further replied to the Question.

The presence of Ism Azam in Ayat ul Kursi

The presence of Ism Azam in Ayatul Kursi makes it essential for different Wazaif. According to the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW, there were three Surah, which included Ism Azam. The name of these Surah was Surah Al-Baqrah, Surah Taha, and Surah Al-Imran. Hazrat Abu Ammara said that he launched a search for Ism Azam. He found it in Auatul Kursi.

Recitation of Ayat ul Kursi for easiness in childbirth

Scholars say that the recitation of Ayatul kursi is beneficial for easiness in childbirth.

Recitation of Ayatul Kursi for safety

Hazrat Ali RA narrated a hadith, he said that I could not imagine anyone who does not recite Ayatul Kursi at night despite its countless benefits, and he further said that in case you knew the benefits Ayatul kursi has. You would never miss its recitation. Prophet Muhammad SAW,’ I have been bestowed with Ayatul Kursi, Aytul Kursi was not bestowed on anyone before me.”

41 times recitation of Ayatul Kursi

Reciting Ayat ul Kursi 41 times saves us from the black magic and evil eye of Satan due to the fact that these verses are the most powerful verses of the Quran.  


The Quran was revealed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. It provides us an opportunity to win the favor, blessings, and rewards of Allah. Similarly, Ayatul Kursin is the most powerful verse of the Quran, which has different benefits. We should learn the Quran and recite it many times. It protects us from the evils of Satan.