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Inspirational Islamic Quotes/ verses in English

Inspirational Islamic Quotes/ verses in English

Inspirational Quran quotes and verses in English serve as a source of profound spiritual guidance and motivation for millions of individuals worldwide. These verses offer not only timeless wisdom but also a deep sense of solace and hope. They resonate with those seeking inspiration in their daily lives, reminding us of the strength and comfort that can be found in the teachings of Islam. Let’s explore the inspirational Quran quotes and verses in English.

Introduction to the Quran

The Holy book of the Quran was descended upon our beloved holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. It comprises 114 Surah. The revelation places of these Surah were the sacred city of Makkah and Madinah of Saudia Arabia. Allah has bestowed us two means of guidance to live a peaceful life. One of these sources is the Quran, which is based on the code of conduct towards life and spiritual guidance.

The spiritual guidance of the Quran consoles our hearts and encourages us to act bravely against problems. It ensures that you have Allah on your side, that will assist you in every matter. One of the ultimate lessons we get from the Quran is to face the problem with courage and bravery. The more powerful verse in the Quran is Ayatu Kursi in Surah Al-Baqrah.

There are several Islamic Quotes/verses in English which encourage us to act in different sorts of situations.

Inspirational Quran quotes and verses

The Quran has a collection of inspirational Quran verses and Quotes. These are the following.

In Surah Fatir verse no 5, Allah says in the Holy Quran,’

so, let not this present (magical) life deceive.’

We Muslims believe that the actual purpose of our life is to worship Allah, but we can see most Muslims, despite keeping belief, distract their attention from the actual purpose of this worldly life. He does not want our focus to distract from him because he is our well-wisher, not anyone else.

Nothing happened without the will of Allah

In Surah Ghafir, Allah says in the Quran,

‘call upon me; I will give you a response.’

There is nothing happen in the universe without the will of Allah; Allah shows us that your actual duty is to create a relationship with me. He, in fact, discloses to us that you should worship me because I am the creator of the universe. Allah shows us his mastery of us. If we take a turn toward the creator of the universe, we would be successful in this worldly life as well as eternal life. If we do not follow him, we would ultimately fail.

Allah is the well-wisher.

In the Quran (55: 19-20),’ ALLAH says,

He flew two the two seas side by side, but a bar between them; neither of them breaks the law.’

ALLAH is the only well-wisher for us. There is no anyone else here in the world who will ensure a response for our every call, particularly in times of distress. We should be thankful that there is one authority in the world that will ensure a response to our every call. We as Muslims should believe that Allah will be our assistant in every trouble, but unfortunately, we run away from the way of real success in worldly life.

In Surah Al-Fatih, Allah says in the Quran,’ Guide us to the right path.’

It is, in fact, a dua, which is described multiple times in the Holy Quran. Allah is telling us the way in which we can pray to our God.

  • We are lucky enough that Allah is waiting to help us.
  • We should not lose our hearts.
  • We only need to ensure the help of Allah in our every matter and the intelligent work on our part. Allah will definitely help us.

We should not lose heart.

In Surah Al-Zumar, Allah says in the Quran,’

What does one want more when Allah is himself announcing that you should not lose heart in any matter of your life? We should thank Allah that he is our assistant. Sometimes, a person loses hope when he meets with defeat repeatedly. Allah discloses these situations to make firm our belief in him.

Similarly, Allah says in the Quran in 94: 5-6, ‘S

So verily with the troubles, there is consolation, verily with the troubles, there is complete consolation.

Allah is entirely responsible for governing the universe. He is the creator of the universe. We Muslims believe that every trouble comes from his side, and he provides the solution to these troubles. There is just a need to worship Allah. Allah always abides by the promise. Therefore, he will surely become our consoler.

Allah will be the solver of our problems.

Nether anyone except Allah can run the affairs of this large universe, nor can anyone get this ability. We should bow to Allah and present our demands to Allah, not anyone else. He will fulfill our demands, not anyone else. He can emerge in good situations from harmful conditions. We should worship Allah in happiness and sadness.

Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al-Nahl,

Do you not oversee the brides which controlled on the sky, only Allah keeps them up except anyone, in fact, it is the sign for the people who believe.’

We should admit the fact that as the governor of the universe, Allah will be the solver of our problems.

Those who become closer to Allah, Allah responds to him well

In Surah Al-Talak, Allah describes the above words,’ and for those who fear from Allah, Allah will make their way easy.’

Allah himself is announcing that one who becomes close to me, I will be responsible for all his affairs. A person loses his heart when he feels that he will not be able to meet all his needs; surely, he needs spiritual help. Then, it is Allah almighty who rescues him from bad circumstances.

Allah creates easiness for mankind, not difficulty

Allah describes in Surah Al-Baqrah,’

Allah almighty does not load burden on soul more than its power.

We should believe that every happiness and sadness come from Allah; he is announcing that the man’s great well-wisher is me, not anyone else. Happiness and sadness is part of life. Allah rescues us from sorrows, surely.

Allah is the best provider

In Surah Jummah, Allah himself describes

It is an ordinary happening that if we feel a need for something when we describe our need to someone other than Allah, he does not show much care. This is, in fact, the proof that Allah is the best provider. We should bow to Allah rather than anyone.


The holy Quran is full of motivational Quran Quotes and verses. It reminds us that we should worship Allah. He is the best rescuer, provider, and consoler.