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Surah jinn is the 72nd chapter of the Quran. As depicted by the name, Jinn represents the creature, created by Allah. In fact, this represents the historical incident of Jinn when they could not become successful in bringing news related to Allah from the sky. They were told that a significant event happened in the world.

They set out to know the incident. After some time, they met with the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who was reciting Surah Jin. They understood the matter that Surah Jinn revealed. They accepted the situation. It is essential to get knowledge about Surah Jinn and its benefits.

When did it reveal?

 There are different facts narrated by different notable people regarding the revelation of this Surah.

According to Abdullah bin Abbas (May Allah be pleased upon him), this revealed when the Prophet Muhammad SAW visiting the fair of Ukaz. Upon returning when he was offering the prayer of Fajar with his companions, then, Allah revealed this Surah on him.

Some notable scholars argue that when the Prophet Muhammad SAW was going to visit the city of Taif, which is some kilometer away from Makkah. This incident took place three years before Hijrah, but several reasons confirmed that this fact was not right. There is no credible proof of this fact.

Proof of the creature of Jinn by the verses of the Quran

It is clear that we cannot see and hear Jinn. That is why most of us have mental confusion that either Jinn is present in the world or not. Some people understand that this is a result of myth and superstitions. Even some modern Muslims do so, but they have no explicit knowledge or guidance.

The holy book of the Quran is the book of guidance. It is a fascinating fact of the Quran that it describes every matter and gives instruction about the hidden things, for example, in the present case; there are different verses of the Quran, which clarifies the existence of Jinn about which man has confusion.

Moreover, the Quran encourages us to hold inquiry and research so that true information must be available.

There are different verses of the Quran, which make our confusion clear about the existence of Jinn.

In Surah Al-Hijr 26-27, Al-Araf 12, and Al-Rahman 14-19, it has been clear that man was made of clay and Jinn were created with the fire.

Some people say that Jinn is the other type of human. It is not any other thing than a man. In the above verses, this statement has nullified by Allah. Allah said the material of creation of man was clay, and Jinn were fire. This is the visible evidence given by Allah.

Allah described in Surah Al-Hijr verse no 27 that the creation of Jinn completed before the man. Allah gives additional proof regarding the story of Adam and Iblis. This story narrated in several different places in the Holy Quran. It has confirmed by the Quran that Iblis was there on earth before the man.

In Surah Al-Hijr verse no 16-18, Surah Al-Malik verse no five and Surah Safat verse no 6-10, it has described that Jinn is able to gain access to the sky but not beyond certain limits. If Jinn tries to go beyond these limits, they are prohibited from doing so. The fire and flames are used to keep them away from the heavens.

In Surah Al-Araf verse no 27, Allah has described that Jinn is able to see human beings while human beings cannot see Jinn.

In Surah Al-Kahf verse no 50 and Al-Baqrah verse no 30-34, it has been described that Allah has given a man with the vicegerency of the earth, and men have more than powerful than Jinn, but it is an admitted fact that Jinn possesses certain qualities which shows power and strength.

Similarly, Jinn, animals, and other creature except men have their ability to choose obedience and disobedience and good or bad. The obvious example of this fact is the Surah Namal verse no 39 in which an incident attributed to ants were recorded.

In Surah Al-Araf 27, Al-Nisa 11-17, Al-Ibrahim 22 and Bani-Israel 61-65, it has stated that the creation of Adam had resolved to subvert humankind since then the Jinn have been consistently struggling to misguide man, but, it is pertinent to mention that Jinn has no decisive power. However, they have a firm grip on the suggestion of evil and appealing.

What Subjects have discussed in Surah Jinn?

These have been discussed several things inside this Surah. These are the following.

In VV 1-15, the first things are the description of the impact on the group of Jinn when they heard the recitation of the Quran by Prophet Muhammad SAW. In fact, Allah wants to make prominent the effect that was on the group of Jinn so that the purpose can be gained. By making noticeable the effect, Allah makes us learn what the importance of faith is. That is why Allah has described the whole conversation of them.

In verse 16-18, Allah advised the believers that if you choose the way of Mushrakeen, you will meet with severe results, if you follow the order sent by Allah, you will be blessed.

In verse no 19-23, Mushrakeen of Makkah reproached, when the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW calls you, you encircle him and mob him, whereas the responsibility of the messenger is to make the order of Allah to reach them, he does not have the strength to take any benefit or bring any harm on people.

In verse 24-25, Allah is giving warning to Mushrakken that you are trying to overcome our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW due to his helplessness, but, in fact, you will become helpless after someday. Indeed, Allah warns them that what he sees unknown about you, you cannot see.

In 26-28, in these verses, Allah tries to tell the disbeliever that Allah knows your secret. He is deliberately keeping them away from you. Then Allah talks about the messages which the Prophet of Allah is trying to convey to us.

This Surah reveals different things. Some are following:

  1. The creature of Jinn does not deny the existence of Allah. They know that he is the lord.
  2. There are different types of Jinn, believers, and disbelievers, mischievous and wicked, while some are good and noble.
  3. Jinn may be from any religion like a human.
  4. They have the power to mislead us. The obvious example of this fact is Satan, which is continuously distracting our attention from the cause of our religion and Allah.
  5. Ibn Abbas narrated that whenever any Arab stays in any forest and between the hilly area in days of Ignorance. They used to seek the protection of the Jinn, who, according to them, was the owner of that place. This Surah reveals to us that the owner is only Allah. We have to seek the protection of Allah because he gives protection from evil spirits.
  6. As we are divided into different religions, similarly, Jinn are also divided into different religions. This Surah tells us that they also convince each other.
  7. This Surah has a big lesson for us that Allah does not change his principle for anyone, So, we can easily guess that if we did evil deeds in this world, we would surely meet with the bad results. If we have done good work, this surely will give us excellent results. The same principle is for Jinns. They have no exception.
  8. Allah has used the word ‘the servant of Allah,’ which means that the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  9. It does not mean that if one does anything, he will live in Hell forever, but, if we think about its context, we come to know that the one who does not embrace Touhid, he will live forever in the Hell.
  10. The unseen knowledge is known to Allah almighty. No doubt, Jinn gets access to heaven or the sky, but they could not get the whole knowledge.
  11. The unseen knowledge has been given to Prophet Muhammad SAW. He ot that knowledge whom he liked to get. Due to the work of Prophethood, Allah has bestowed him necessary unseen knowledge.
  12. No one, either human or Jinn, has been given the unseen knowledge.

We have seen that Surah Jinn has a lot of importance, particularly, historical and protection point of view.

How to memorize Surah Jinn

Due to a lot of importance, it is essential for us to learn Surah Jinn. There are different ways in which we can learn this Surah. These are the following.

By the traditional way, we can go to the mosque or seminary to learn this Surah. A teacher and scholar can help us in memorizing Surah Jinn.

Through the internet, we can also learn Surah Jinn; for example, we can use YouTube to memorize this Surah by listening repeatedly.

It is pertinent to mention that it is not obligatory to learn this Surah. Surah jinn PDF is also available. Surah Jinn tafsir is also available.

Different Questions and Answers related to Surah Jinn

What incident Surah Jinn describes?

Surah Jinn describes the event of the group of Jinn. These Jinn came to find the outstanding event that caused the failure of the Jinn not to bring the news from the sky. Some of them came to Prophet Muhammad SAW. Here, they listened to the Prophet recited Surah Jinn. They went back announced it with embracing of Islam. This incident describes in the first line of Surah Jinn.

Which Surah of the Quran is on the name of Jinn, and what are the causes to give this name?

Surah Jinn is one the name of collectively Jannat. In this Surah, Allah describes the event of Jinn. He wants us to keep faith above all things as Jinnat does, as described in Surah Jinn. It is the 72nd chapter of the Holy Quran with 28 verses. The recitation of this Surah gives us protection from Jinnat.

How long is Surah Jinn, and what are the subjects of this Surah?

Surah Jinn is 28 verses long. Allah describes the incident of Jinn. Indeed, he wants to tell us what faith is. In other verses, he describes his principles that if one will do good work, he will meet with a good result and one who will do evil deeds; he will meet with good results.

Who is known as the father of Jinn?

Iblis is known as the father of Jinn. Once upon a time, Iblis had the status of the noblest person. He was free to go to paradise. Once, Allah had given him the order to bow to Adam, but he refused. Allah issued an order for him to leave paradise and go to earth. Notoriously, he promised to Allah to distract the believers.

What occurs when you recite Surah Jinn repeatedly?

Surah Jinn provides us protection from evils and bad deeds. According to the Hadith, the repeated recitation of Surah Jinn from the evil deeds of Jinn. It shows that Jinn also involves in evil deeds. They also have some power to mislead humankind, but they have not given enough power to dominate.

What is the main difference between Satan and Jins?

There is a main difference existing between Satan and Jinns. Jins includes believers and non-believers. They are also as noble as humans. They may be non-believers, which often involves himself in mischievous activities while Satan has promised to Allah, that he must distract the attention of the believers from Allah. He always will be involved in bad activities.

What are the benefits of reciting Surah Jinn?

There are several Ahadith, which describes the benefits of reciting and reading. The secrets of Surah Jinn are the following.

In a Hadith, narrated by Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased upon us),

‘Prophet Muhammad SAW went to the Ukaz, which was ground with his companions. After some time, the devil interrupted the communication by reaching the sky, Prophet Muhammad SAW, and his companion saw the flames sent by Allah. The devil returned. The Jinn that was with the devil said that why did you come back? The devil said something like fire, and flames intervened in our approach towards the sky, which is why we could not bring the news. He also clarified that fire interrupted us to reach the sky. One of the devils, which were there, told them that nothing happened between you and the news, but a significant event has occurred. He orders him to set out on the journey and try to find what an important event happened between you and the news.

The devils that were over there set out in a different direction to find out the important happening. One of the devils that set out to Thiama met with Allah’s messenger at Nakhla (a place between Makkah and Taif), at the time when Prophet Muhammad SAW was offering the Fajar prayer with their beloved companion.

They came near and listened to the recitation of the Quran by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. After listening, they came to a result of the important event for which they were trying to discover ways that the Surah jinn happened between the news and us. They concluded that is why our fellow-jins were not successful in bringing the news.

They came back towards the place from where they started their journey to find the event and called the fellow Jins back. One of them asked them,’ O our people; we listened to the recitation of the Quran that was wonderful. It delivers guidance to the right, and we also believe in it, we will not be one from Mushrakeeen.’  

Then Allah descend upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW in Surah jinn,

‘Say (Muhammad SAW) to the people; it has revealed to me that some Jinns listened to it and said to others. In fact, we have listened to a great Quran.’

Prophet Muhammad SAW further recited,’ it takes us to the course which is right, we have kept firm belief on it, we will never include anyone in our worship to Allah.

The present Hadith tells us two things that the Quran is the fountainhead of guidance and success. We should not associate anyone in our worship to Allah. Further, it tells us the historical importance of the Surah Jinn.

In another Hadith, which narrated by Abdur-Rahman Ibn Laila (May Allah be pleased upon him), ‘once upon a time, an Arab came to Prophet Muhammad SAW said to the Prophet SAW that my brother is suffering from an illness. Prophet Muhammad inquired about his disease. He told the Prophet SAW that he was suffering from mental derangement. He requested the Prophet SAW to do something. Prophet SAW asked him to bring him here. He went to his home. After some time, he was with his brother before the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW stated recitation of Surah Fatihah, four verses from the beginning of Surah Al-Barqrah. Then, he recited two verses from the middle of Surah Al-Baqrah. Then, 

he recited Ayatul-Kursi, recited three verses again from its end; he recited a verse from Al-Imran of ‘Allah is witness that no one has the right to be worshiped then, Allah.’

Prophet Muhammad SAW then recited one verse of Surah Al-Araf of ‘Indeed, your God is Allah.’ Then, he recited a verse from Surah Al-mominun of ‘and one who worships other than Allah or any other god, he has no proof.’

Then, Prophet SAW narrated this verse from Surah jinn, ‘and he made high from the majesty of our Lord.’ Then, he recited ten verses from the beginning of Surah Al-Safat, recited three verses from the end of Surah Al-Hashar, and recited Al-Muawwidhatain. Then the Bedouin stood up, felt him well. There was nothing wrong with them.

We all know that any word or any verse in the book of holy Quran not without any great purpose. There are different Ahadith, which are describing their great purpose. We can observe its use for the cure of diseases in the above Hadith.

In a Hadith, which narrated by Imam Jaffar Sadiq (May Allah be pleased upon him), noted in Sunan Ibn Majah, ‘if one repeatedly recites Surah Jinn, it protects us from the evils and Jinns. Moreover, the reciter of this Surah will be with Prophet Muhammad SAW on the Day of Judgment.

We cannot deny the presence of Jinn, because Allah has himself described in the Quran that I created the creature of Jinn as human. The Jinn also do mischievous and evil activities as man does. That is why it is essential to recite the Surah jin repeatedly to keep himself safe from being victimized.

It is the reality that Jin can see us and hear us. It is also an admitted fact that we cannot see or hear them. Similarly, some Jin is noble, and some are wicked. They do act like us ant hey have their children. They earn their livelihood or earning.

There is a prominent story of the Prophet Suleman who controlled different things, for example, air, land, and jin. One of the famous incidents of Sulaman’s reign was that Bait-Al-Muqdas was building. Some jins were included as the laborers. They were working beside their human fellow well. While doing the supervision of the work carrying out, Prophet Sulaman died while standing on the stick. After completion of the work, when they came near Prophet Sulaman, they knew that he had died for a long time. We can easily guess from this historical piece that Jinn were present at that time. They used to work in favor of man but no more incidents we can find.

These Ahadith and incidents made us clear that the repeated recitation of Surah Jinn keeps us safe from the danger of evil activities of Jinn.


Surah Jinn is one of the prominent Surah of the Quran. It places itself on 72 numbers with 28 verses. The repeated recitation of Surah Jinn protects us from evils and bad deeds of Satan. We should memorize it despite the fact that it is not the obligatory part to memorize. We can take help from YouTube or the teacher from the mosque or seminary. We can also use Wazifa of Surah Jinn for different benefits.